Quinces/Sweet 16s

14111916262310498467_10204141271919280_460207926290863500_oFor years we’ve helped families host their daughter’s Quinces & Sweet Sixteen’s Celebrations with style, dignity, and not being cheesy. We listen to what our clients want and we provide them with excellent service that is unique, beautiful and most importantly a lot of fun.

We listen to the radio stations that our teens listen to such as Power 96, Hits 97, 99 Jamz, Hot 105 & Y-100. Our music is ALWAYS family friendly with no foul language.

Our focus it’s attention on your daughter and make sure that she is the most important person in the room. We also understand that some kids are shy and don’t want the attention on them in fear of being embarrassed. We always make sure the music isn’t too loud so the guests can have conversations. We’re always dressed professionally and appropriately. We always do a tremendous job at getting the kids to participate & dance the night away for a wonderful evening.

Give us a call RIGHT NOW so we can get to work in customizing an amazing evening for your daughter and friends !